About me

I’m a master’s student in Operations Research at Columbia University with an expected graduation in August 2021. I’m currently looking for an impactful full-time role in technology that leverages both my broad mathematical background and programming skills.

I did my undergrad in applied mathematics, statistics, and computer science at Michigan State University, where I was a University Distinguished Scholar. When I wasn’t watching MSU basketball, I worked on a number of different projects and developed skills ranging from data analysis to software development. In the summer of 2019, I explored the role of artificial intelligence in end-of-life care planning under Prof. John Dickerson as part of the University of Maryland’s NSF CAAR REU. Prior to that, I helped develop new theory that links deep learning and topic modeling techniques under Prof. Deanna Needell at UCLA’s Applied Mathematics REU. During my later years at MSU, I wrote software to attack a complicated multi-objective rocket burning problem with Prof. Erik Goodman.

I’m an avid college basketball fan (thanks to my time at MSU), Buffalo Bills supporter (hometown blood runs deep), and a bow tie aficionado. In my spare time, I’m an amateur cook and an even more amateur judoka.